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Zig-Zagging Family Home Makes Concrete Look Whimsical

Located on the outskirts of Geneva, the Maison de Confignon, designed by Swiss office Local Architecture, fits on a narrow piece of land and serves as a modern little family home. Instantly recognizable due to its quirky shape, which—to use some advanced architectural terminology—looks as spiky as Bart Simpson's famous yellow haircut, the 1,991-square-foot spread is actually quite private, despite its massive glass windows. The walls closest to busy, nearby streets, for example, are made only from noise-blocking concrete, while the sides facing out toward the property's dense orchards make up those large, triangular windows. Inside, bedrooms cap either end of the structure, while an open living, kitchen, and dining area fill in the space in the middle. Check out a few more shots, below, then head over to Dezeen to take a look at the floor plans.

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