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Kandinsky-Like Dallas House is a Lesson in How to be Weird

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Given the abstract smattering of willy-nilly windows, arbitrary lines, and blocky protrusions covering the front of this north Dallas home, it feels like the awkwardly canopied door should be a portal to some untouched haven of poorly-aged '80s design trends. Not so! It was, in fact, built in 2001, and the inside is oddly (and pretty compellingly) restrained for all the zany jaggedness implied by the facade. Take the enormous living room and entryway, which has floors of grey marble tile and a far wall that's essentially one large window. Aside from the concentric insets on one wall—a motif carried over from the front of the home and applied throughout—a pair of Southwestern area rugs is about as stylistically daring as the space gets.

There's a few more Kandinsky-esque shapes pictured in the listing photos, applied seemingly as an afterthought in the home theater and one of the five-and-a-half bathrooms, as well as an avant-garde kitchen cabinet or two, but that's about as wild as the "charming characteristics and urban sophistication" of this 6,200-square-foot "work of art" get. Listed for $1.395M back in 2009, this five-bedroom contemporary was either a bit too weird for the McMansion set or not weird enough for the architecture enthusiasts; it's since dropped a smidge to $1.375M.

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