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Shipping Container Pad Looks Like a Huge Loft From the Inside

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Shipping container architecture might come in a staggering array of project types—think mansions, spas, office buildings, and even high rise apartments—but this studio and residence in Savannah, Ga., still manages to stand out thanks to interiors more likely to be found in an airy loft than in an industrial cottage. Built by artist Julio Garcia, in collaboration with the shipping container architects at Prince Street Projects, the Savannah House is made from two abandoned cargo containers set on a foundation system of steel beams, all surrounded by a small wooden porch.

Inside, the bright, glass-walled space pairs white walls with wood floors in the kitchen and bedroom, and black-tinted concrete in the minimalist, gallery-like living room space. The original container loading doors still function, which means that the entire home can be opened up to take in views of the surrounding gardens. See more of the surprising little home, this way.

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