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Count the Tchotchkes in This Overwhelming 1850s Abode

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Curbed NOLA has come across a fixer-upper for the truly adventurous in the New Orleans neighborhood of Tremé. Not only does it need a good deal of work in the traditional sense—the listing boasts that this 7,000-square-foot dwelling, built sometime between 1851 and 1860, is the "the largest home in historic Tremé," making no mention of the truly depressing kitchen, the peeling wallpaper, and the beaten-down back end—but the interior has enough hammed-up, bauble-filled charm to star in its very own Grey Gardens. Forget "fluted Corinthian columns," "elaborate Victorian mantles," and the like, and think of the opportunities for tchotchke bingo that this home presents. At least ten floral vases? Check. A chandelier that looks like a tulip-shaped piñata? Affirmative. A tiger statue prowling the living room? Roger that. Play I spy in this loud and fabulous 11-bedroom in the gallery below:

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