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Meet Sushizilla, a Nutso New Restaurant Terrorizing Australia

Designed to reflect comic book illustrations, old school video games, and, of course, everyone's favorite Japanese monster, Sydney restaurant Sushizilla combines what Australian design firm Vie Stutio calls "fun mojo" and "exceptional food quality" into one zany package. The restaurant offers both a touch screen ordering system that delivers sushi via conveyor belt, as well as an "express" take-out window marked with neon signage and colorful, Tetris-like screens. Formerly an arcade, the space's tiled walls and decorative crate partitions share a primary color palette that contrasts with the dark stone floors and counters, and the black and white anime wall art. If there's such a thing as finding an effective blend of outrageous and eye-searing, Sushizilla may have found it—or, at least, it's more effective than many other wacky theme restaurants.

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