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Nab a Rock-Solid Spread by a Colorado Modernist for $3.95M

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Organic architect Charles Haertling designed over 40 homes in Boulder-Denver region in his lifetime, leaving the area with as diverse a body of work as they come. In his Menkick House, built in 1970 in the west Boulder subdivision of Knollwood, people see shades of Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian homes with a bit of a modernist edge, but whatever the genre, the four-bedroom does find some pretty cool applications for the site-first principles that Wright made famous. Looming over the staggered, 5,780-square-foot four story-home is a tall rock outcropping that it incorporates directly, with beams that seem to extend right into the landscape, and pays deference to with a noncompetitive neutral roofline. Listed in early 2012, its price has since been eroded from $6.5M to $3.95M. That reduced ask gets the next owner of the Menkick House a master suite that connects to the rock face via a split-roof balcony, and plenty of large windows for taking in the Flatirons.

· 165 Green Rock Dr [Redfin]