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The Loft of Sex and the City's Set Decorator is Very Carrie

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Thanks to interior designer Ondine Karady's illustrious career decorating film sets, much of the decor in her 1,000-square-foot, one-bedroom loft comes directly from the homes of her fictionall clients. A massive Art Deco mirror in the foyer and Pucci curtains in the living room, for example, have made an appearance on Sex and the City, while a simpler mirror in the bathroom is a leftover from Requiem for a Dream. Even some of the art, including a large abstract piece in the bedroom, was originally little more than a background piece for TV. "In Sex and the City, it hung in one of the galleries Charlotte worked in," she tells Houzz. "It was made in the prop shop by scene artists."

Shuffled in are personal photography collections and flea market and thrift store finds, all of which keep the former sweater factory feeling warm, inviting, and—to be completely honest—pretty Carrie Bradshaw-esque. Check out the rest of the photos over at Houzz.

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