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Confused Zebra Decorating Hides Sun Valley Home's Potential

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This 7 bedroom, 8 bath mansion may be located in Sun Valley, but it would be more at home in the Tuscan countryside if it didn't have a thing for zebras. Located close to downtown Ketchum (and the town's awesome visitor center), we can't help but think that a few poor interior decorating choices (zebra painting anyone?) are hiding this home's best features. Once you get past the 12,057 square-foot home's zebra table runner and the zebra inspired rug in the living room, you see the indoor/outdoor living room and sliding wall, the warm timbered-ceilings, and the Italian-inspired fireplaces. Asking $9,500,000, we're also diggin' the wavy sink in the kitchen, the infinity pool with jaw-dropping mountain views, and the outdoor space complete with pergola, fireplace, and a huge dining area. There's also an impressive underground wine cave featuring a wine tasting table, wine storage, arched brick ceilings, and plenty of dramatic candlelight and chandelier lighting. Considering the home's been on and off the market since 2012, we bet if you ditched the zebra and hired a stager this Italian manse would be sold, stat.

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