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Summer Like Royalty in Lake Como's 'Most Important' Villa

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Photos via Homebase Abroad

Believe it or not, there are at least a handful of (somewhat) accessible properties to be had on Italy's Lake Como, a favorite vacation spot of aristocratic European families, posh jetsetters, and George Clooney—who apparently has gotten a few unannounced drop-in visits from Bill Murray since they bonded while making Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox—but the Villa Sola Cabiati isn't one of them. Arch Digest recently included the sixteenth-century estate in a roundup of enviable places to summer at, and the tidy sum required for a single week in this lap of Old World luxury is $44,100. According to the description on Homebase Abroad, renters would be in great company, though; since the dukes of Serbelloni commissioned it way back when, it's been visited by a litany of "great dreamers, poets, painters and musicians."

Per the listing, the 8,100-square-foot villa can accommodate up to 12 guests, which is a fine size for a "discriminating group of adults who can appreciate the exceptional beauty and quality of this home." That beauty and quality should be all the more apparent thanks to a three-year renovation completed in 2000, which saw Baroque embellishments left by two pupils of Italian painter Giambattista Tiepolo spruced up, as well the eighteenth-century structural additions that came later. Other things on offer: a pool surrounded by sun beds and sling chairs, a "lovely woodland garden," and a formal dining room that accomidates 18. Check it out above.

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