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Kickstarter's Converted Factory HQ Looks Like an Old Library

The 80-person team at Kickstarter—an online crowd-funding powerhouse that has helped some truly cool architecture projects find funding—recently migrated from Manhattan to Brooklyn to set up shop in a renovated, multi-story pencil factory that's heavy on industrial detailing and hipster-centric quirkiness. Largely updated with reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials, the space feels remarkably like an old fashioned library, thanks to rows of wooden bookshelves, long communal work tables—"where the late-night Dungeons and Dragons games go down," according to Business Insider—and little cubby-like nooks.

The space also boasts a pillow-lined room devoted to napping, an NYC diner-themed cafeteria, and, as is Cool Office custom, a vintage arcade room. Out on the roof there's a 8,500 square-foot garden rigged with a rainwater irrigation system, as well as just a bit more lounging space. Take a closer look, this way.

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