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Shoot a Period Piece in This Crisp $8.75M Colonial

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Though it's hardly the most monumental home in rarified Greenwich—that honor would go to Cooper Beach Farm, by virtue of its $120M sale price—the 6,500-square-foot Voorhis Counting House, in all of its relative modesty, could be called one of the primmest. Nowhere does it fall out of lockstep with the town's well-earned reputation for starchy home design. But it can't really be faulted for that when it looks so good doing it. This is one of the rare instances where the listing text isn't guilty of gross hyperbole; why yes, the staggered stone terraces on the grounds do make this look like a "very special home," and the updated 1800s guest house is "superb." Last sold in 2004 for $3.65M, this four-bedroom sits on two waterfront acres in the "exclusive Quarry Farm enclave" of Belle Haven. The ask? $8.75M.

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