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Be This Boxy Red Compound's Modern Mountaineer for $2.5M

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With all the sporty backwoods activities boasted in the listing for this crimson-painted piece of '90s architecture—"fishing from your own creek" and "world class climbing" on the 32 acres of Boulder County timberland—it's a relief that the place eschews the overwhelming rusticity that chokes so many similarly situated homes in frontier nostalgia. For better or for worse, what the 3,660-square-foot compound offers in place of that is a bright, wannabe Barragán exterior and a decor scheme that, at least as it's staged in the photos, verges on overdetermined and by-the-books; woodsy, floral, and bird-covered wallpaper that, combined with all the popping reds, might be a bit too reminiscent of the home design aisle in a Target. Still, the rock-jock perks keep on coming at this four-bedroom "secluded, private mountain sanctuary," which sits in a gated community with "mature landscaping" right next to Eldorado Canyon State Park, and is offered with two additional lots that bring the total acreage to 114. Built in 1991 and last sold in 2000 for $1.1M, it now wants an agreeable-sounding $2.5M.

· 450 Kneale Road [Redfin]