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Italianate Manse on SoCal's Naples Island Wants $10.9M

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Location: Long Beach, Calif.
Price: $10,900,000
The Skinny: Get a little taste of Italy—or a SoCal approximation thereof—with this spacious Mediterranean manse on Long Beach's Naples Island, a manmade, canal'd landmass built in the early 1900s to be "Dreamland of Southern California" (the sobriquet "Venice of America" had already been snagged by Santa Monica developer Abbot Kinney). Like the famous Palazzi di Venezia the Italianate home sits directly on the water and has its own private berth. A veranda with vaulted ceilings runs along the waterfront, with 10-foot high glass doors opening out into the Vista del Golfo Promenade. Inside the home proper, a grand hallway connects the great room, library, and dining areas, with two curving staircases leading to the six-bedroom, seven-bathroom living quarters upstairs. Back downstairs, there's a fossil stone bar for the paleontologically inclined imbiber, and outside a private courtyard features a self-swim spa which doubles as a decorative fountain. The 9,633-square-foot home is asking $10.9M.

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