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20 Absurd Amenities Provided By Leo DiCaprio's New Digs

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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio just closed on a $10M, two-bedroom apartment in an eco-friendly NYC high rise, one that boasts spiritual guru Deepak Chopra and former United States congressman Dick Gephardt on its advisory board. Called the Delos building, the Manhattan complex prides itself on being the first "Wellness Real Estate residence in the world," with an emphasis placed on not only on sustainability, but also on creating environments "that actively contribute to human health, performance and wellbeing." Such a mission statement may sound a bit too New Age-y to be true, but according to the building's official site, this place really does come with some of the wildest amenities out there. Take a look at just a few of the perks Leo has in store for him, below:

20. A vitamin C-infused shower that "eliminates residual chlorine and promotes healthier skin and hair."

19. A built-in juicing station.

18. Endlessly circulating purified air.
17. Electrical panel that reduces electromagnetic field exposure.

16. Posture-supportive heat reflexology floors.
15. Ultraviolet light system that aids in "sterilizing harmful airborne microbes and irritants."

14. Donna Karan's Urban Zen Wellness concierge services, which the building's official website calls a "curation daily wellness experiences."

13. "Hand-selected, six-inch wide, rift-cut Siberian oak flooring."

12. "Dawn simulation coordinates lighting" that comes with blackout shades "to gently increase the amount of light in the bedroom at a customizable wake-up time."

11. Unlimited access to customizable sleep, stress management, and nutrition programs provided by a non-profit academic medical center called the Cleveland Clinic.

10. A Wellness Home User Guide software program that describes provide new homeowners with "a deep understanding of how to get the most out of their wellness."

9. "Reflexology stone pathways" that activate and support the muscular system when walked on.

8. Kitchen countertops coated with a coating that destroys harmful microbes and chemicals.

7. Window box herbariums.

6. Circadian lighting system that offer optimum light exposure depending on the times of day, including "energizing light in the morning and wayfinding night lights for safe navigation and minimum sleep disruption." (Probably not just a dimmer, but who knows.)

5. A 78-bottle wine refrigerator.

4. A 14-jet jacuzzi bathtub situated next to a heated reflexology path, whatever that is.

3. iPad-based home controls, iPad included.

2. A farmer's market delivery system that provides fresh, weekly produce.

1. Pumped in aromatherapy that "provides a subtle array of mood-enhancing aromas."

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