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Let's Guess How Neighbors Feel About This House Extension

Design Boom diplomatically mentions that this uncomfortable new addition in Trondheim, Norway has "warranted both praise and skepticism within the community," but a single glance at the way the awkward, rather lonely looking new construction juts off the rest of the house suggests that the praise just might be few and far between. Built by Norwegian firm TYIN tegnestue Architects in adherence with specific local building codes, the so-called Arne Garborg Addition makes room for a new entryway, laundry room, and bathroom at the tapered base, and a lofted family room and playroom above. From the inside, the pale pine rooms look less, well, weird, and more IKEA-esque. The smattering of asymmetrical windows—which do no favors for the exterior view—provide a little natural light, while built-in ledges make for extra seating.Take a look inside, and then go ahead and pile on the praise or skepticism:

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