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Prepare to Be Offended By Map of World's Biggest Ski Town

The offensive, sometimes hilarious, and too-close to truth maps from have been going viral over on our sister sites of Atlanta, NYC, San Francisco, and Washington DC, so we decided to dig through the archives and see what they had for Curbed Ski. And while there aren't any maps stereotyping ski areas (wouldn't that be something?!), the original Judgmental Map came from Denver comedian Trent Gillaspie way back in January 2013. We know, we know, Denver isn't really a ski town; it's big, urban, and still 50 minutes from the nearest ski area. But if the traffic on I-70 is any indication, enough of the metro area's 2.5 million people head to the hills each weekend that we've unanimously declared the city the World's Biggest Ski Town (note: this title is completely made up). And whether they ski or not, we're sure all of Denver will be offended by this map.

So who should be most offended by Trent Gillaspie's take on the Denver area? It's a toss-up between Mr. Gillaspie's characterization of the "Drunk/Homeless/Drunk/Homeless" on Colfax, the River North area (currently undergoing quite a revitalization) as "The most dangerous place in Denver," and all of Aurora being labeled as "Sketchy People." Oh, and don't forget the "Little Africa" section of the map.

So what do you think Curbediverse? Funny? Offensive? True?

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