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Inside Beauty Guru Terry de Gunzburg's Gallery-Like Home

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In cosmetics legend Terry de Gunzburg's NYC apartment, art rules above all else. Each room in the grand home, which the longtime Yves Saint Laurent Beauté creative director shares with her French husband, was designed to compliment the couple's joint collection of Damien Hirst, Jason Martin, Richard Serra, and Francis Bacon pieces. Case in point, most of decor works within a palette of burnt orange, plum, turquoise, navy blue, and lime green that pick up tones in the largest paintings, using what W magazine calls de Gunzburg's "visual equivalent of perfect pitch." With the help of French interior designer Jacques Grange, the couple also hoped to create an overall Art Deco feel for the space, sticking to furniture from the time period. In all, the place feels wholly livable, despite its meticulous vision and valuable collections. Take a look at some of the shots from W's spread, below:

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