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With Secret Stairs and Copper Walls, 'Killybracken' Asks $11.5M

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Location: Gloucester, Mass.
Price: $11,500,000
The Skinny: Though its name may put the reader in mind of some sort of bloodthirsty mythological sea creature ("Release the Killybracken!), this seaside estate is stolid Brahmin blueblood to its core, having been built as a luxury retreat from Boston's hustle and bustle in 1927. Located on the craggy shore of Massachusetts' Eastern Point peninsula, the Arts and Crafts-style manse is clad with Gloucester granite atop what's said to be the first-ever residential use of rebar concrete, giving it an impressive, solid look. Inside is an interesting mix of waxed wood and copper walls, including an art nouveau copper fireplace, and a copper accented bathroom. Upstairs are the master suite, and what the listing calls a tree house: a separate apartment accessible by a set of secret stairs, complete with a wet bar and ocean views. There are also living quarters in the pool house, a 3,000 square foot hurricane-proofed entertainment space with electric glass siding doors. The home is asking $11.5M, a PriceChop of $1.25M from its last foray onto the market in 2011.

· 9 Drumhack Road, Gloucester, Mass. [Official Site]
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