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Drop $450 a Month on a Converted Bus with 'Unique Character'

For all those who jump for joy at the thought of living in a converted school bus and also just happen to be in the market for a quirky one-bedroom in Richmond, Va., HuffPo has turned up a "magical school bus"—not to be confused with the Magic School Bus—asking $450 a month in rent. The listing, found on (where else?) Craigslist (and screengrabbed here) calls it a "cool converted school bus with unique character in a beautiful setting," but let's be real, is it possible to build an ordinary live-in bus? Still, the ones filled with this much bamboo and wicker furniture must be rare birds indeed. Notably, the 1980 Chevy has a decent amount of counter space and a standing shower, but it definitely isn't going anywhere, so don't plan on touring the country promoting adaptive reuse or anything.

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