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Sky-High Tel Aviv Penthouse is Definitely Not For Acrophobics

Never one for boring or average homes, the adventurous Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem renovated this so-called Antokolsky Penthouse with a dizzying emphasis on sweeping panoramic views of Tel Aviv, an open, airy floor plan, and a slightly terrifying lack of walls. Instead, sliding glass windows line the long, narrow apartment and open up onto wraparound patio space dotted with gardens. "The internal spaces, floating within the building's shell, are fully exposed to the city," explains Kedem of the towering home. Inside, walls of bookshelves and modern, low-slung furniture both break up the space and stand out against lacquered white floors and concrete walls. Way up top on the roof, the (second) coolest infinity pool in the world aligns with the city skyline, conjuring up the rather surreal feeling of paddling right over the side of the building. Take a look, below:

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