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Bike Hotels: The Next Big Thing For Ski Towns?

This bicycle hotel may be located in Drammen, Norway, but we think it would be a perfect addition to ski towns across North America. Originally a freight house built in 1868, the Gulskogen Bicycle Hotel was repurposed by MMW Architects in order to provide safe, secure bike parking near public transit. The designers preserved much of the existing architectural frame but upgraded the building with an easy-to-use bike ramp, parking for 134 bikes, charging points for electric bikes, and a floor-mounted air pump for filling tires. Inside, light penetrates a filigree facade and the wood interior is meant to invoke the nearby beech forests of Norway. Riders gain access to the hotel through an app on their mobile phone which unlocks the main door. So what do you think, Curbediverse, would this Nordic design translate well to your local ski town?
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