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Let These SoCal Bohemians Show You How to Live in a Dome

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When talking about the imminent dome dwelling resurgence, it's easy to get wrapped up in the mathematical genius that makes a round building both stronger and lighter than regular houses or the ecological wonders of a space that uses significantly less construction material. It's easy to forget about how people, you know, live in them. That's what makes Apartment Therapy's tour of a hip dome house in the deserts of Joshua Tree, Calif., so intriguing. Owned by (nigh cloyingly) stylish bohemian entrepreneurs, the geodesic dome, once covered in popcorn plaster, has been refurbished as a California-chic cabin, complete with flea market finds from Pasadena, platonic solids drawn on the walls, and tie dye in the master bedroom. Unsurprisingly, their biggest challenge was "finding a way to create an intuitive interior flow when most of the walls are angled and curved," they told Apartment Therapy, though the pair seemed to have overcome.

"Our dream source is probably Brian's parents' antique store [...] in Yarnell, Arizona," the pair told Apartment Therapy. "A lot of the design elements we enjoy in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, such as midcentury and industrial modern, are overlooked in the small town of Yarnell, and since we are family, we never have to pay! In Los Angeles, we really enjoy the flea market at the Pasadena Rose Bowl and, of course, Craigslist."

Apartment Therapy has the full tour.

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