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This Shabby Chic Beach Cottage is a Swoon-Worthy Dream

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Due merely to the fact that it's a beach house, pretty much any seaside property—from nautical shacks, to houseboats, to out-of-place minimalist boxes—is pretty tempting. This retreat in the village of Winchelsea Beach, UK is especially lovely, though, thanks to its shabby chic decor and airy layout. The walls, ceilings, and floors are all completely made from bleached and white-washed wood—though somehow without the austere effect generally accompanied by the look—with exposed beam cathedrals and built-in cabinetry and window seats. Almost completely color-free furnishing match the pale space, while the gentlest of floral fabrics make for pretty, pastel accents. See a few more pictures of the romantic spot below, then head over to Home Adore for the full gallery.

· Romantic Beach Retreat [Home Adore]