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Tour the 'Cozy Cohesion' of an Antiques Dealer's Cottage

Antiques dealer Ann Williams is the first to admit that her Fort Worth, Texas cottage is more of an abstract hodgepodge of art and antiques than a pristine interior design landscape. "I'm not sure what my style is, because I don't try to create any certain look," says Williams of the three-bedroom, 2,900-square-foot family home. "I choose what I love, what makes my heart sing, and it all seems to work together—most of the time!" The vast assortment of vintage furniture, theater props, curios, pottery, and quilts—which form what Houzz calls a "cozy cohesion"—come from years of art-collecting and scouring antiques and thrift stores for treasures both ancient and and fairly recent, like some notable 1950's dinette chairs reupholstered in velvet. Built in 1919, the old house itself makes for a neutral backdrop, with newly-painted white plaster walls and original beams and stenciling. See more of what Williams calls a reflection of her "experiences, memories and personality," below:

· A Fort Worth Cottage To Make Your Heart Sing [Houzz]