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First Look Inside Aspen's Bonkers $89 Million Koch Compound

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This morning we reported on the breaking news that Aspen's most expensive listing is now the $89.9 million compound owned by billionaire and history-aficionado William Koch. It's double the price of Aspen's second-priciest listing (one of Rihanna's favorite vacation hideouts), but without interior photos we could only guess at the gems inside. Lucky for us, Curbed investigative work has paid off and we have the first look inside. Now we can see what exactly Koch did when he bought the former wedding venue for only $26.5 million and converted it to a 15 bedroom, 24 bath estate complete with 55 acres of biking, hiking, and four-wheeling.

According to their website, the architecture and interior design firm Rowland + Broughton worked with Bridges, Marsh and Associates from Palm Beach, Florida on the estate's redesign. In order to transform the property from a wedding venue to family home, designers added a bridge, a new road, an upgraded septic system, and even altered the topography.

Interior photos from Rowland + Broughton show traditional ski home design, with lots of antlers, big leather couches, and western plaid in the main family room. The main house dining room is also what you'd expect (albeit a bit smaller than we were expecting, what with the 24 bathrooms and all), but look closely and you'll also see some naked art hanging above the fireplace and on the opposite wall. Guess the Koch brothers like that kind of thing as they cut into a good Colorado steak?

The main house kitchen is a boring mash of creams and sage, but we have to admit that the white and timber master bedroom looks pretty inviting despite its simplicity. All in all, it's the kind of design you'd expect from a massive ski house. Granted we haven't seen all the photos, but we're really wondering what the rationale is for the record-breaking price tag. Is there a solid gold toilet hiding somewhere? Stay tuned.

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