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Soundcloud's Berlin HQ Reaches Ludicrous Levels of Hipness

When the German firm Kinzo sought to transform this industrial space into a head quarters for the digital music company Soundcloud, they clearly did it with the singular goal of creating a spot so achingly, exhaustingly hip that even the most avant-garde, monastically minimalist work places out there would look like the set of Office Space by comparison. The design team—whose previous cool office credits include Nike's shoelace-entwined German HQ—left the concrete floors and exposed ceilings as is, so as to imbue the place with an "old factory feel," as opposed to that of a sterile new building.

The main lobby, lounges, and cafeteria areas are lightly furnished with modern, angular pieces, save for a vintage photo booth, a few inscrutable art installations, and a log-lined wall (the latest thing, apparently) sectioning off a "tech-free" wood-burning stove-equipped nook meant for "the kinds of fireside conversations that aren't always possible at your desk." As is the sacred startup way, the list of amenities is indulgent bordering on ridiculous, with perks like anytime on-site yoga and a personal flower garden for nature walks. Take it all in, this way.

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