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Billionaire Koch Brother Asks $89 M For Aspen's Priciest Listing

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UPDATE on 6/13/2014: Curious about the interior of this record-breaking listing? Head over here for the photos.

Aspen has a new "most expensive listing", and it's no longer the much-loved (and much-partied in) $45 million compound that rents out to vacationing celebrities like Rihanna. Now, the award for Aspen's priciest listing goes to a 32,614-square-foot home currently owned by billionaire William Koch, and it's almost double the price.

Curbed Ski readers will recall that Bill Koch, the history-buff brother to conservative political activists Charles and David Koch, has a thing for Colorado real estate (remember that time he built an exact replica of an Old West town near Paonia?). Koch bought this Aspen property way back in 2007 for a measly $26.5 million. Now, this "dream compound" (per the MLS listing) wants a whopping $89.9 million for its 15 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 5 half-baths, and 11 three-quarter baths.

Formerly a wedding venue, there aren't many details on how Mr. Koch fancied up the place after he did away with the wedding cakes and converted it into his private vacation home. The listing reveals that there are plenty of outdoor activities (bicycling, hiking, 4-wheeling) and that the 55-acre compound also comes with 9 other buildings and a state of the art gym. The Aspen Daily News, who broke the story, reports that the interior is tasteful and intimate with a "wrapped bannister made of leather near the main entrance." We can't quite picture what an $89.9 million leather bannister looks like and there are currently only exterior shots of this potentially record-breaking home. We'll be on the lookout for interior photos, but if you've entered the hallowed Koch household and care to dish (anonymously, of course), give us a shout.

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