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'Street Cred Granny'-Chic Might be the Next Big Design Trend

"Street cred granny" might not be oft-invoked design terminology, but somehow it perfectly captures this 800-square-foot L.A. apartment's eclectic yet homey vibe. Designer Leslie Landis and her partner Jake found the two-story "mini mansion" rental a year ago, and have since personalized the space with a series of landlord-friendly, non-permanent DIY projects (call 'em rent-ovations!) Funky framed artwork and plenty of bold wallpaper—which Landis admits was her biggest design indulgence—offer a few quirky touches, as does artfully clashing upholstery in the living room and bedrooms. So what makes the place feel particularly grandmotherly? Besides a whole lot of vintage furniture, the space just seems to radiate coziness, thanks to a cheerfully anti-minimalism design scheme nary a stitch of brooding, modern decor. Take a look, below, then head over to Apartment Therapy for the full gallery.

· Leslie and Jake's "Street Cred Granny" Style in LA [Apartment Therapy]