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Brazilian Designers' Manhattan Digs are Everything Cool

São Paulo-based entrepreneur Hossein Jarouche and his interior and product designer partner Ana Strumpf have what may be the straight-up coolest pied-à-terre in Manhattan—not because it's technologically or geniusly built or equipped, but simply because it is filled with every totally-not-even-trying-that-hard au courant decor item and technique out there. Animal busts? Six. Pendant lights? Mismatched. Dining chairs? Paint-chipped. Canine? Stuffed and sprawled on the floor. Everything in the studio looks simultaneously put together and falling apart, and that, in some way, is the very definition of cool. More photos of the loft, spotted originally over at Automatism, are below.

Photo by Fran Parente via Casa Vogue
· The Life and the Advantages of a Loft in Chelsea [Casa Vogue via Automatism]