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PCMR Tries to Hold Off Eviction, Looks Increasingly Desperate

Park City Mountain Resort is trying to postpone the signing of an eviction order, but things don't look good in their battle against Talisker Land Holdings and Vail Resorts. Read on for the latest in this never-ending ski town saga.

Just recently, a judge ruled in favor of Talisker/Vail in the lease dispute that has embroiled the Park City community and caused CEOs to wage a letter-war. PCMR and its parent company Powdr Corp want to postpone the signing of the eviction order until after the court decides on other rulings in the case and after the ski area has had a chance to appeal. Talisker, meanwhile has said it would require PCMR to leave the disputed terrain within 60 days if the judge signs the eviction order. Considering that everyone is pretty damn tired of this lawsuit (including the CEO of Powdr Corp, John Cumming) the judge's next ruling is an important one. How could all of this get even worse? If PCMR is forced off the property, they've already threatened to take down all the lifts.
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