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Medieval Castle in Tuscany Includes Vineyards and a Chapel

Forget buying a house, if one really wants to make an investment, it's time to consider the medieval village—and, luckily, there's one up for sale right now in Tuscany. Sited on vineyard-patched hills "in the heart of Chianti," as the brokerbabble boasts, the remains of a castle, a private chapel, and a smattering of other living buildings total some 11 bedroom suites and eight apartments. Also on the grounds: a "charming" swimming pool, 38 acres of vineyard (enough to produce about 70,000 bottles of wine in a season), stables, farm warehouses, and six acres of olive groves. The price? "Upon request," of course. Giving the listing photos a good peruse, however, is "free."

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