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Former Forbes Party Yacht Gets a High-Design Makeover

Once treasured by the legendarily wealthy Forbes magazine publisher Malcolm Forbes, The Highlander has long been the decadent, floating setting for elite parties, fancy vacations, and—of course—some seriously expensive decor. Now owned by interior designer Joanne de Guardiola and her husband, Roberto, the yacht unfortunately no longer hosts as many flashy parties, but definitely looks better, trading in Wolf of Wall Street-esque eighties interiors (ok, it wasn't actually as bad as that "sumptuous" ship) for sleek, modern style.

Done up in a colorful array of priceless artwork, designer pieces, and custom accents, de Guardiola's take on the ship is cleaner, but still playful and slightly funky. The "sky room," for example, pairs Brazilian blue onyx floors, angular Holly Hunt cocktail tables and couches, and rainbow-hued chairs. In the glassy dining room, there's a mirrored dining room table and chairs upholstered in Missoni. Architectural Digest has the full tour, right this way.

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