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Wine Tasting Hut Puts a Twist on the Simple Mountain Cabin

Designed to make the intolerable chore of sipping wine in the South of France just a bit more bearable, this modern little cabin in the hills of Mondragon, France offers visitors to the Domaine La Cabotte vineyard a chance to kick back with a glass of (super local) vin in peace. Built by the Paris-based H20 Architects, the 625-square-foot space forks off in a distinctive Y-shape inside, with three separate wings all done up in a uniform bone-white and positioned to make the most of some truly ridiculous views. Similar to other eco-friendly cabins dotting European hillsides, the exterior was made entirely from locally sourced wood from nearby forests. Find a few more shots below, then head over to Inhabitat for the floor plans.

· h2o architects' Timber La Cabotte Cabin Complements Southern France's Rolling Vineyards [Inhabitat]