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Review the Reclaimed Art and 'Lounge Pods' at Yelp's HQ

When the good folks at Yelp—AKA the purveyors of unintentionally hilarious, chef-loathed, and occasionally real estate-minded online amateur reviews—sought to move their operation to a larger space in San Francisco, they did it with the help of Studio O+A, a local firm determined to build "an all-encompassing, self-contained community" that spans across several high-rise floors. To create a certain warm, vintage feel for the industrial open floor plan, the entire space was built from the reclaimed materials of past offices, and custom fit with ropey artistic light fixtures.

A series of very cool lounge spaces are broken up all across the "vertical campus" so as to persuade employees to venture from one floor to another. There's an artisan coffee shop on the 8th floor, for example, as well as a sunny, window-lined break room on the 5th, "semi-private pods for chess or chatting" on the 11th, and a general store with free candy (that'll do it) right next to the old-timey main reception desk. Other quirky, cool office-approved details include a twee secluded library, an open bar, and plenty of concrete-floored, brick-walled workspace. Go ahead and judge the rest of the decor, right this way.

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