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Grandiose, Faux-Antebellum Austin Manse Asks $5.7M

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Location: Austin, Texas
Price: $5,700,000
The Skinny: While the tech boom-fueled explosion of modern homes being built in and around Austin shows no sign of slowing, there's a limit to the number of glass-and-steel boxes any luxury market (even one as dynamic as the 'Silicon Hills') can absorb. And so, in a bit of residential counter-programming, onto the market trundles this home in that favored style of the nouveau riche: the overcooked, ridiculously ornate faux-Antebellum manse. Squatting gracelessly on a 10-acre hilltop plot on the western side of the Colorado River, this 10,000-square-foot monster cribs liberally from the Low Country plantation home playbook, bolting a number of different design tropes onto its bulbous mass in the hopes of producing something classic—or even "classic". An attempt at updating the style by injecting modern luxury amenities into the proceedings (there's an infinity pool, two Sub Zero refrigerators, GRAFIK Eye lighting, and much—too much!—more) results in just another tired regurgitation of the same old Greek Revival wheezes, only with a central vacuum system and Ethan Allen furniture. It's asking $5.7M.

· 203 Canyon Rim Drive, Austin, Texas [Sotheby's International Realty]
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