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Submarine on Chopsticks is the Weirdest Treehouse to Date

Though the odd, elevated world of arboreal architecture has pretty much always been populated by super bizarre buildings, offering everything from kiddie-sized kingdoms to precarious breweries, the mind-boggling Treehouse Djuren is proudly the weirdest of the pack. German treehouse experts Baumraum—who also happen to be responsible for this questionably child-proofed floating spaceship in a pond—constructed the oval, multi-level hut as a "a comfortable escape for a family on a wooded property in northern Germany."

The main quarters look like some sort of odd mash-up of a submarine, carnival ride, and a rolling pin—or rather the last thing innocent hikers would ever expect to find way up in a tree—and are made from wood, sheet zin, and four inclined steel supports (sorry treehouse purists.) Inside, there are "sleeping benches" covered in gray felt and big ol' egg-shaped windows with some great forest views. Take a look, this way.

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