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Picture-Perfect 'Child's Drawing' Beach Retreat Wants $2.7M

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Ideal for those who'd like to "live the hip, beach lifestyle in the tranquility of [a] private, architectural home," this $2.7M contemporary retreat in Venice, Calif. is quite listing to watch. Conveniently located a few streets from the beach, the three-bedroom, 1813-square-foot home looks like a "rendering of a child's drawing," as California Home + Design puts it, thanks to its simple square shape, sloped roof, walls of windows. Inside, the layout appears slightly narrower than one might expect from the outside, due either to the black lacquered stairwell smack in the middle of the space, or some slightly unfortunate listing photo angles. The kitchen is especially hallway-like, with just enough room for the breakfast table, marble-lined sink, and wall of aqua cabinetry. Still, the crazy high ceilings, cool indoor-outdoor living room set-up—which leads out onto a backyard and guest cottage—and brokerbabble-promised hipster beach vibes more than make up for it. Take a look, below:

· Open House Obsession: High Style in Venice [California Home + Design]