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10 Beautiful Shots From 'IkeaHackers' as it Nears its End

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Though Ikea catalogs, store layouts, and instructions manuals have always been serious head-scratchers, through it all—through thick and thin, through high and low, through good times and bad—there has been IkeaHackers, a website dedicated to showing the masses just what sorts of creative things they can do to add pizzazz to their basic LACK tables. Now its founder, under pressure from the Swedish furnishings giant about trademark infringement, is being forced to shutter the beloved DIY site. "This is a huge mistake for Ikea," writes Gizmodo's Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, arguing that IkeaHackers "is a place to talk about that love and share creative ideas about it. It's harmless fun, a burgeoning community of fans who are excited about Ikea and the hidden genius of its products." Whether or not IkeaHackers re-launches in ad-free form on a different domain remains to be seen; for now, ogle below the incredible design power of "artificial flowers with real charm" and $59.99 bookcases.

↑ A dollhouse made from a SOCKER greenhouse. [Link]

↑ a BRIMNES bed clad with wood-inspired wallpaper. [Link]

↑ TROFAST boxes turned into modernist shelving. [Link]

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