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Jimmy Buffett Drops $8.25M on a Pool Party-Ready Manse

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Professional Hawaiian shirt-wearer Jimmy Buffett seems to be taking a break from his much-loved Miami Beach in favor of Beverly Hills, plunking down $8.25M for this sprawling, single-story estate. Originally built in 1963, the 4,322-square-foot, four-bedroom home got a major makeover from the previous owner, who replaced many of the walls with sliding, floor-to-ceiling glass and decorated a series of fireplace-equipped sitting rooms that seem a touch too sleek for a grown man who so frequently wears a stuffed parrot on his head. More in keeping with the Margaritaville way of life? The four-stool wet bar, salt water pool and spa, and patio large enough for many an impromptu jam session. Take a look, below:

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