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Seattle's $450K 'Urban Farmhouse' Really Lives Up to its Name

Since brokerbabble tends to be, uh, broad in its descriptors, a home posited as a "restored urban farmhouse" might be the real, countrified deal, but most likely won't even come close. Luckily for interested buyers that oscillate between "city mouse" and "country mouse," though, this Seattle listing firmly falls into the truly rough-hewn camp, with original, early-1990's details like rustic cabinetry and an old-fashioned dining room still intact. Newly on the market for $450K, the three-bedroom, 3,222-square-foot home—which Curbed Seattle promises will "take you back to the turn of the century"—mixes wood-paneled walls, exposed brick, and whatever "vintage lighting" is with decidedly luxurious, modern amenities like a 5,000-bottle wine cellar. The result? A luxurious but homespun mash-up that homesteaders probably would have really taken to. Have a look, below:

The listing photos, this way. >>