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Watch This Edwardian House Morph Into a Futuristic Cloud

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Thanks to almost a century of renovation and restoration projects, the Cloud House in Melbourne looks like three completely different homes these days, shifting from modest Edwardian to all-red minimalist apartment to surreal cartoon cloud simply depending on one's angle. Australian firm McBride Charles Ryan—no strangers to awesome architectural feats—are the responsible for the latest addition, creating the surprisingly different back end in 2012 in the "in the childlike shape of a cloud." Inside, a flowery, tunnel-like hallway leads to the new wing, and opens up onto an undulating, paneled room punctured by a scarlet, box-like little dwelling that houses the kitchen (trend alert!)

On the outside, the silvery open-air room is capped by a wall of glass that leads out onto a modern, catwalk-lined pool. Find the rest of the photos, right this way, and stay tuned for what's next for the little shape-shifter.

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