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Rent NYC's 'Most Cluttered, Chaotic Loft' For $400 a Night

Attention minimalist fans: skip this Airbnb posting all together or risk a serious, knickknack-induced panic attack. Sure, some might find the $400/night Brooklyn listing a cool "21st-century cabinet of curiosities," as the the Times dubbed it in a profile, but it's about as far from the crisp perfection of the average hotel stay as can be. Avid collectors Paige Stevenson and Ahnika Meyer rent out a small lofted bed in the 1,500-square-foot space, and promise that amidst the indoor houseplant jungle, wall of forgotten tools, taxidermied beasts, and treasures from both "remote sites like steel mills near Pittsburgh" and "the curb outside," there's somehow enough room to accommodate six people. The listing also boasts a a dance floor and a vintage piano with "a quirky sound, mostly in tune." Find way more Portlandia-level alt-cuteness (or Brooklyndia, as it where) and heaps of stuff, below:

Take a look around, this way. >>