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16 Ritzy Decor Items From Today's Huguette Clark Auction

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Photos via Christie's

Today art auction house Christie's is selling off the many expensive, Old World furnishings and artworks of copper heiress and sole robber baron scion Huguette Clark, the famously and curiously cloistered woman who, when she died at the age of 104 in 2011, left behind a fortune of some $300M. Clark was not without her peculiarities—the doll obsessive spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on "the little people"—and she also, apparently, was not without an ample trove of antique furnishings, either. Her father, senator and industrialist W. A. Clark, began collecting in the 1800s. After his death, Huguette and her mother continued the buy-out, amassing items like paintings by Monet and mantel clocks worth an estimated $150,000. The items have been on international tour—you know, like Bono except without the sunglasses—since January in attempts to whet the palettes of global collectors. The fun all begins today, so have a look at some of the priciest, parcel-giltiest, Brussels-tapestryiest stuff on offer.

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