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All Eyes On Park City, Will PCMR Be Evicted Tomorrow?

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It's a big week in Park City as Ryan Harris, the 3rd District Court judge presiding over the lawsuit between Park City Mountain Resort and its landlord, Talisker Land Holdings, could sign an eviction order for PCMR soon. And while PCMR is asking the judge to hold off on eviction until they appeal the case, there's a possibility that the eviction process could start tomorrow, giving PCMR only 60 days to leave the disputed land.

Last week, PCMR did its best to explain in the press why it thought eviction should be postponed, arguing that the city would face catastrophic economic consequences. Apparently they plan to present similar arguments in court on Thursday, June 19. The ski area has also outlined their plans to dismantle and remove almost all of PCMR's lifts if they are forced to leave, a process that would take about 33 weeks and over $3 million.

And even if eviction occurs, PCMR shows no sign of selling the ski area's base village properties to Talisker/Vail. Instead, PCMR plans to operate the lower part of the ski area terrain as "reduced winter operations." Read more on what that would look like, over here.

Still confused? Check out our full coverage of the Park City drama, this way. For now, the ski world waits.

The latest statements from both sides:

PCMR's attorney, Alan Sullivan, on Thursday's filing:

"The papers we filed today detail the catastrophic consequences for Park City Mountain Resort and the local community that will result if Vail forces PCMR from the leased property before our appeal to the Utah Supreme Court even begins. Our papers ask the Court to postpone any eviction until PCMR has the chance to appeal, and the Utah Supreme Court decides this case. PCMR remains committed to finding a resolution that works for both parties and the community. Vail should come to the table with a concrete offer to resolve this dispute."

From Talisker Land Holdings, via The Park Record:

The Talisker Land Holdings, LLC side also released a prepared statement, saying PCMR used "inflammatory rhetoric" in the recent filing. The statement says the Cumming family, which owns PCMR parent Powdr Corp., "can calm this entire situation" by saying skiers will not be blocked from the disputed terrain even if they pursue an operation on the lower section of the mountain that is not involved in the case. A statement "will ensure the health of all of Park City and will also create more profitability for the Cummings," Talisker Land Holdings, LLC said. "There is no doubt that any activity the Cummings are planning on that site will be more successful if guests can also choose a more comprehensive experience. The Cummings' suggestion that they would prevent skiers and riders from accessing the upper mountain terrain is nothing more than a crude negotiating tactic or pure spite. And neither has a role in this dialogue," the prepared statement said.

From Powdr Corp. CEO John Cumming:

Powdr Corp. CEO John Cumming on Tuesday released a prepared statement: "I am committed to resolving this dispute, which is why we have made repeated offers to Talisker and now Vail to settle this case so that the resort will continue operation. But I can't negotiate with myself. The truth is that I can't get them to engage with me. We have received no concrete offers from Vail. Since we can't keep bidding against ourselves, they need to come to the table. When that happens this dispute can be resolved quickly in a way that works for both parties and the community."

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