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Find the Cute Bonus Hut in This Japanese Warehouse Home

Another day, another glorious addition to the fabulous house-within-a-house trend! Located in Gifu, Japan, the House of Yoro was just a lowly farm storehouse before the Japanese Airhouse Design Office renovated it into the sleek abode it is today. In an effort to keep costs low, much of the structure is still the same, though with newly painted white walls and matching shellacked floors. Right in the middle of the space, a boxy, cabin-like enclosure works to soften the "harshness of the warehouse," while also serving as a handy little spot to add an additional story.

Decor wise, the home is highly-unrealistic for a family with small children, but a minimalist's dream all the same. All of the furniture is a uniform matte white, with (count 'em) two vintage rugs providing the only splotches of color. Take a look around, this way.

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