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BREAKING: Judge Signs Eviction For PCMR, Orders Mediation

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UPDATED: 2:22 p.m. (MT) June 19, updated throughout

Like we predicted yesterday, Curbed Ski just received word that the judge presiding over the PCMR-Talisker battle has signed an order clearing the way for Park City Mountain Resort to be evicted from the mountain. Here's the catch, he has also granted a reprieve from the eviction until at least August 27. At that time, the court will decide whether or not to continue the reprieve. Until then, the judge has ordered both sides to mediation.

Judge Harris also wrote, "The Court, as least as much as most members of the Summit County community, had certainly hoped that the parties to this litigation would have been able to find a way, at some point during the many months this case has been pending, to resolve the situation amicably for the good of everyone including the community, and keep both resorts operating in something close to the usual manner."

We hear ya, judge.
PCMR sees this reprieve as a victory. Here's what Alan Sullivan, the attorney for Powdr Corp, said in response to today's ruling:

"PCMR is gratified that Judge Harris stayed Vail Resort's eviction order at least until another hearing now scheduled for late August and directed the parties to mediate disputed issues. These rulings will help ensure minimal disruption to the Park City community while the parties try to resolve the case and surrounding issues so that the 2014-2015 season will proceed business as usual. PCMR has been trying to resolve this dispute for over two years and PCMR remains committed to finding a resolution that works for both parties and the community. PCMR supports the Court's order for third party mediation, and hopes Vail will now come to the table with a concrete offer. When that happens this dispute can move toward a prompt resolution."

No word yet from the Vail/Talisker side.

Want to understand how this whole thing got started? Check out all the gritty details this way. In the mean time, we'll stay on top of this story and update with more info soon.

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