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'Mirage House' Looks Like Nothing More Than a Slip Of Paper

Sited for the steep, rocky coastline of Tinos, Greece, the aptly-named Mirage House was proposed as a so-called "invisible oasis" that blends in with the surrounding environment so as not to mar its untouched beauty. "we were concerned with the concept of invisibility," explains the design team at Kois Associated Architects. "We asked ourselves 'How can you make a building disappear?' Our response was to mimic elements of the landscape." Most of the interiors are buried into the cliff, while an open-air living room in the front sits beneath an overhanging swimming pool that effectively puts every other infinity pool on the planet to shame. Both the reflective roof and the drywall-lined, "rammed-earth" walls help to keep the interiors of the home—not pictured because, really, who would ever spend any time inside?—nice and cool. Check out the ridiculous shots below, then head over to Dezeen for a bit more archibabble from the design team.

· Mirage house by Kois Associated Architects
to feature rooftop infinity pool [Dezeen]