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There's No End to the Insane Patterns in This Arizona Abode

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According to the listing, this home is "beyond descriptive words," but here goes. Built in 1977, it would be a pretty standard piece of palatial Paradise Valley fare, if it weren't for a decorating job that at it's best, looks like the work of a Southwestern-influenced Marcel Wanders protege, and at its worst, looks like arbitrarily assembled mix of off-the-wall wall treatments. Maybe it's best summarized as the kind of home where the phrase "I kiss better than I cook" is spelled out in tile on the kitchen island. If it were a book, it would be called Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close to Visual Insanity. Currently offered for a slightly reduced $3.295M after selling in $2.45M in 2011, it takes up 8,020 square feet on a lot that measures less than an acre. Highlights include the coral-colored laundry room and the velvet thrones in the entryway. Meanwhile, one of the world's most floral-obsessed apartments has officially sold, so the equilibrium of over-patterned properties on the market remains undisturbed.

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