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This 'Denial of Static Architecture' Has a 20-Ton Sliding Roof

Photos via Design Milk

Once described as "an architectural coup de théatre which is certainly unique in Britain and perhaps anywhere," dRMM's Sliding House is based around a feature that's nothing if not unique. Comprised of a guest annex, a main house, and a glass living room all spaced out along an extended platform, the convertible-style home can be sheltered or exposed, section by section, thanks to a 20-ton exterior structure made of steel, timber, and unstained larch. Glassy front room feeling a little too revealing today? Just hit a switch and you're covered. Moving the roof section further in that direction also creates a shaded patio and exposes an open-air deck in the middle of the home. The shell is powered by four electric motors all charged by PV solar panels, fulfilling the client's wish for a place to "grow food, entertain, and enjoy the landscape" in eco-friendly fashion. Pair the transformative capabilities with the bright shade of red and the fact that the whole thing is so conventionally house-shaped, and you've got a pretty striking English country home.

· An Unconventional House with a Sliding Roof [Design Milk]