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Park City's Saddest (And Cheapest!) House Wants $425,992

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Park City is known for pricey abodes, what with fancy see-through pools and condos that can top $17 million, but this sad house needs some serious help. With 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, the tiny home is a little over 1,200 square feet and ranks as Park City's cheapest single-family home. It'll still set you back $425,992, which is a high price tag for a dilapidated home sold in "as is condition." The location near Old Town is nice and there's a one car garage (read = falling down shed), but the lack of interior photos makes us fear the worst. Who knows what a bold flipper could find inside; our money is on some vintage skis and run-down cabinets from the 1950s.

· 173 Daly Ave, PARK CITY, UT 84060 [Zillow]
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